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Is there Qubes documentation outlining the steps to increase the size of /boot, or does one follow general disk management, with tools like using GParted for example. Although the disk is a LUKS encrypted volume. Can one decrypt, use GParted to resize, and then encrypt again?

Note that /boot itself is not encrypted, but you're right, you would

Since GRUB can load LUKS-encrypted /boot, one could even encrypt /boot, but a part of GRUB is also encrypted then, it seems. At least there isn't much GRUB functionality until the LUKS volume is unlocked. And it seems you only have one attempt to enter the passphrase correctly. Also GRUB decryption seems much slower than kernel decryption...

have to decrypt the rest to resize it. No Qubes specific docs. Procedure you describe should work, but might be further ahead by backing up your VMs to a removable encrypted drive, doing a fresh install of R4.1 (rc2 last I saw) and adjusting the boot partition size on the installer screen, then restoring?

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