With Fedora 34 having reached EOL now, is there anything else I can do, 
other than a complete new installation of Qubes OS R4.1 ? 

With kind regards,


HI, I am not an extremely knowledgeable Qubes user, but, I did not want 
your post to go on like no one cared.  I am pretty sure the developers do 
care, they just need to spend their time working on --- stuff.  And that 
might include exactly what will be helpful to you.

I had some problems installing and using Fedora 35, and then updating it 
later.  Sigh.   

When I originally installed Qubes 4.1, I chose the option to update over 
Tor.  Used to be I needed to start the Tor Browser for that to work.  If 
nothing else, Tor Browser downloads really slowly.  I once started to 
download an iso of like a gigabyte, and it would take hours.  I am 
suggesting that in some cases, trying to download can have timing issues 
where some things drop out.   And I can guess the system set up by our 
Qubes developers is not supposed to do that.  and I can not prove that it 
does.   Just when it rains here.  My connection hiccups.   I am just 
tolerant and try again.

I like the solution I think the developers are working on right now. 


Which explains itself.    


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