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I'm interested in testing for phylogenetic signal in a trait of parasites:
the number of host species a parasite infects. I have a phylogeny for the
parasites and I have tabulated the number of host species each parasite
infects from the literature. However, some parasites are well sampled
(estimates from 20+ studies) and many are poorly sampled (estimates from
one study). So I would like to incorporate sampling error into the

I know that the phylosig function in phytools can do this, but it's not
clear to me how to estimate appropriate standard errors for these data.

In the literature, people have dealt with this by testing for phylogenetic
signal in the residuals of a regression between number of host species a
parasite infects and the number of studies of the parasite.

I'm wondering if there is another way to go about it, perhaps by weighting
species by sample size in the calculation of phylogenetic signal. Does
anyone know of a way to do something like this? Or do you think my best bet
is to just work with the residuals from a regression with sample size?

Thanks for any feedback!


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