I performed stochastic character mapping using make.simmap function from phytools package (v.0.6-20) with provided prior probabilities of tip states (3 states). I generated 1000 maps and I want to fit several evolutionary models to each map in mvMORPH (v.1.0.9) and OUwie (v.1.50) packages. I aim to estimate the uncertainty due to stochastic mapping.

I was able to do fitting of models using each map in mvMORPH, but I stuck when I want to do this in OUwie.

OUwie function can use mapped states if the simmap.tree argument is set to TRUE, but it also requires data frame (argument "data") where I need to specify three columns: species names, the current selective regime, and continuous trait. If I used prior probabilities of states in order to obtain maps, in turn, how can/should I specify current selective regime required for "data" argument of OUwie function?

I appreciate any comment or suggestion.

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