I am using the ancThresh model in the phytools package for 172 taxa. For
model we  have the liabilities, parameters, MCMC and alpha values output.
When I tried getting DIC values from the threshDIC function I got Infs for
both the OU model and the Lambda model.The error output I have been
receiving is posted below:

> BMThreshDIC <-threshDIC(scaled.tree, AT.data, ancestralBM, burnin=2000000)
**** NOTE: no sequence provided, column order in x
> OUThreshDIC
    Dbar     Dhat       pD      DIC
2109.678      Inf     -Inf     -Inf

Has anyone experienced this error before? Any advice on how to fix this
error would be greatly appreciated.

Aja Carter
PhD Candidate

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of Pennsylvania

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