I have a set of rooted trees, some of which have polytomies at the root, like


These are not treated as rooted by default, so I have tried to root them using

root(tree, node = Ntip(phy) + 1, resolve.root = TRUE), but this gives an error, 
explained here:


Note that in my case there is no particular reason to specify either A, B, or 
(C,D) as an outgroup

I should explain that what I am trying to do is to calculate distance metrics 
between these trees (using metrics that are valid with polytomies, such as the 
KC metric), such that the pairwise distances between (A,B,(C,D)) and 
(B,A,(C,D)) and ((C,D), B, A) etc are all 0, but the distance between, say, 
(A,B,(C,D)) and ((A,B),(C,D)) or perhaps (A,C,(B,D)); is not zero.

So how can I specify a polytomy at the root, with the tree format used in R?


Yan Wong
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