Dear developer team,

Thank you for providing an excellent package. But I have encountered a
small problem with as.igraph.phylo().

Error in graph.edgelist(x$edge, directed = directed, ...) :
  could not find function "graph.edgelist"
Calls: as.igraph.phylo

The workaround for a user is to do `library(igraph)` explicitly because it
exports `graph.edgelist()`. But I think the ape package should call this
function with explicit namespace like `igraph::graph.edgelist()`. Also it
would be better to add igraph to Suggests section in DESCRIPTION so that
`utils::globalVariables("graph.edgelist")` can be removed. Also note that
`graph.edgelist()` is deprecated (it still works, though) and replaced by
`graph_from_edgelist()` in the current version of igraph.

In summary, I suggest the following modification:
- replace line 143 in as.phylo.R with `igraph::graph_from_edgelist(x$edge,
directed = directed)`
- remove line 131 in as.phylo.R: `utils::globalVariables("graph.edgelist")`
- add igraph to Suggests in DESCRIPTION

Best regards,

Watal M. Iwasaki / 岩嵜 航
SOKENDAI, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies,
Hayama, Kanagawa 240-0193, Japan

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