Hi everyone,

We are interested in examining whether shifts in one continuous trait have
preceded shifts in another continuous trait through evolutionary time for a
phylogeny of ~80 species.  To do this we were thinking of calculating the
change in the value of each trait for each tip to its most recent ancestor
(i.e., node) and then for each node to its most recent ancestral node.  We
have all the tip values and conducted ASR to get the node values.  However,
we are unaware of any functions or packages that would automate calculation
of all these distances for teach tip and node to its most recent ancestor.
Does anyone have any suggestions of functions or packages that might
possibly do this?  Alternatively, are there better existing options for
exploring this question? I.e., something similar to QuaSSE but for analysis
between two quantitative traits rather than traits and species
diversification?  Something like Bayes Traits or PGLS would allow tests of
correlated evolution, but not the order of evolutionary shifts.

Thank you for any insights!


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