Thanks Hendrik & Alex


What you're suggesting sounds to me a lot like what the pict library
already does. Switching to pict would seem to give a good speed-up, but
perhaps it's possible to do better. Hence the benchmarking exercise.

Perhaps make a closure that, when called, does the rendering to dc,
> and treat the closure as a representation for the image?  Then let the
> image and pict combiners operate on the closures to produce more
> closures?


I'm using rendering to a bitmap% in the case of the pict library as a proxy
for direct rendering to a dc. I would certainly  render directly if I were
to switch to pict.

Timings vary on the actual layout in Quilt Explorer, depending on block
complexity. The 18 blocks at the bottom of the page are choices in block
layout / shading or color that the user can click on — that's the
"exploring" part.

A "next level" improvement might be something similar to the "virtual dom"
pioneered (or at least popularised) by the react-js folk, to simplify and
reduce the cost of re-rendering.


On Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 11:05 PM, Alex Harsanyi <>

> On Friday, April 28, 2017 at 6:40:06 PM UTC+8, Daniel Prager wrote:
> > The reason is that what I really want to do is more complex layouts, for
> which 2htdp/image or pict combiners make life a lot easier.
> The code to convert to bitmap allocates the bitmap and draws to the
> bitmap.  In the actual application you can draw directly to the canvas DC
> in the on-paint method, which would save a bitmap allocation and an
> intermediate draw step.
> >
> > Some work-in-progress ...
> >
> > The idea of Quilt Explorer is to use symmetry and randomness, combined
> with some user selection to create original quilt designs.
> looking at these designs, I think by the time you're done writing code
> that draws directly to a dc, the code will be just as slow as the pict
> code, and probably with more bugs.
> Also, it seems you are rendering about 20 designs on the page.
> How long does it take to render an actual quilt design?
> Best Regards,
> Alex.

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