> On Apr 29, 2017, at 11:36, Philip McGrath <phi...@philipmcgrath.com> wrote:
> After upgrading to 6.9, I'm getting the following "DrRacket Internal Error" 
> when I try to open the preferences menu on MacOS:
> preferences:get: tried to get a preference but no default set for 
> 'scribble-reindent-paragraph-width
>   context...:
>    /Applications/Racket 
> v6.9/share/pkgs/gui-lib/framework/preferences.rkt:93:0: preferences:get
>    /Applications/Racket 
> v6.9/collects/racket/contract/private/arrow-val-first.rkt:357:18
>    /Applications/Racket 
> v6.9/share/pkgs/gui-lib/scribble/private/indentation.rkt:15:1
>    /Applications/Racket 
> v6.9/collects/racket/contract/private/arrow-higher-order.rkt:342:33
>    /Applications/Racket 
> v6.9/share/pkgs/gui-lib/framework/private/preferences.rkt:390:5
>    /Applications/Racket 
> v6.9/share/pkgs/gui-lib/framework/private/preferences.rkt:289:14: 
> build-ppanel-tree
>    /Applications/Racket 
> v6.9/share/pkgs/gui-lib/framework/private/preferences.rkt:261:2: 
> make-preferences-dialog
>    /Applications/Racket 
> v6.9/share/pkgs/gui-lib/framework/private/preferences.rkt:243:2: show-dialog
>    /Applications/Racket v6.9/share/pkgs/gui-lib/mred/private/app.rkt:67:21
>    /Applications/Racket 
> v6.9/share/pkgs/gui-lib/mred/private/wx/common/queue.rkt:454:6
>    /Applications/Racket 
> v6.9/share/pkgs/gui-lib/mred/private/wx/common/queue.rkt:505:32
>    /Applications/Racket 
> v6.9/share/pkgs/gui-lib/mred/private/wx/common/queue.rkt:653:3
> Is this a problem with my setup, or with DrRacket?

Actually, I’ve been seeing this for quite some time; since well before 6.8 came 

It’s a bit squirrely, though; moving the prefs file out of the way solves the 
problem, and then moving it back again seems not to bring the problem back. I 
think this stymied me in trying to formulate a bug report.

But: yes, I’ve seen this a lot.


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