On Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 01:24:23AM +0200, Jos Koot wrote:
> Hi Matthias,
> Put it your way it seems managable for a simple user like me.
> I don't immediately see how to follow all details of your advice,
> but I'll look into it in due time. I'll need time for that
> and probably from time to time some more advice.
> For instance, I would like to avoid repeated execution of interactions
> that are not mutated, for they may slow down.
> The rendering of a scribble can easily take 10 or more seconds.

That's the main reason I'm not using Scribble.  I'm writing a novel, 
and rendering it in scribble takes enough time to set up a coffee 
maker, not just to pour out a cup in the next room.

But I like Scribble enough to have written a C++ implementation of the 
very few Scribble primitives I actually use frequently.  That renders 
the entire novel faster than I can blink.  It takes longer for my 
browser to read the generated HTML than it takes to produce it.

Of course my code doesnt allow the writer to code new features in 
Scribble.  That's a serious loss.

I was using the version of Scribble that's packaged with Debian/Devuan 
Jessie.  Are there known serious performance issues with that, such as 
not running actual machine code?

-- hendrik

> A memoizing interaction (and companions) seems possible, though.
> May be much more memoizing is possible for speed up.

If Scribble is has to be as slow as I found it to be, it's necessary.  

I'm not sure if Scribble is well-suited to memozation.  THings like 
index entries and page numbers seem prety well to require global 

--  hendrik

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