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>I have downloaded 6.9, but was warned that the file does not end
>in correct way. Running the exe anyway gave a DrRacket that aborts
>after opening it.  I have Windows 7 with Bullguard protection.

I would say try again with a new download.  I don't use Bullguard so I
can't say if that was a factor, but both 32-bit and 64-bit versions
install and start for me on Windows 7.  I haven't checked them out
much beyond verifying that they run, but I don't expect any trouble.

>Soon I'll switch to a more modern system
>(preferably not with windows; what would be a cheap and yet good
>choice? I also need a good replacement for Microsoft Office 2003.
>I ask these questions here, because Racket (besides email and a
>replacement for Microsoft Word) is my most important tool.)

Just about any modern Linux distro will give you what you need.  Mint
(based on Ubuntu) probably is the easiest to just start working with
if you are switching from Windows.  If you are willing to invest a bit
in learning, I expect that any modern distro will satisfy your need.

Linux has a number of different GUI shells to choose from - it's not a
single ecosystem like Windows.  You may have to experiment to find
something you like.

LibreOffice probably is the most comprehansive replacement for MS
Office currently ... it has excellent compatibility up to Office 2013,
and some features of the newer version(s).

The word processor "Write" is ~99% compatible with Word.  The
developers concentrate on Write, so the other modules (spreadsheet,
presentation, database, etc.) tend to be a bit behind - but unless you
depend on really advanced features of Office, it's likely LibreOffice
will do everything you want.

However, be aware that there can be issues exchanging files with
Office users.  If you stick to the old DOC or new OpenDocument formats
- i.e. Office 2003 or prior, or Office 2012 or later - you should have
little or no trouble.  The DOCX formats, introduced in 2003 and used
natively by 2007 and 2010 cause problems even between the different
versions of Office.


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