Eric MacAdie wrote on 08/01/2017 09:54 PM:
WRT mobile, maybe someone could port LambdaNative to Racket:

Do you have experience with LambdaNative? I looked at it briefly a year or two ago, and it looked like they'd made reasonable and neat way to do what they needed to for world health projects. But unclear that they were going to go any further with the underlying software platform. (And, the Linux target for the first example/demo I tried crashed when built and run on Debian Stable.) Git today shows that there is maintenance going on, which is encouraging. I'd be interested to hear of experiences with it.

(I'm speaking of LambdaNative above; I've used Gambit a bit more over the years, and Gambit is a separate thing with its own other merits.)

I'm hoping that the current Racket backend refactoring will make it easier to target different mobile platforms (JS/WebAssembly for online as well as either HTML5 Offline or Cordova, native for iOS and Android).

In any case -- whether one is considering porting LambdaNative to Racket, or looking to do something different for mobile with Racket -- it's worth taking a look at what LambdaNative did and how they did it using Gambit.

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