On 25/08/2017 17:03, Konrad Hinsen wrote:

That adds the missing piece - thanks a lot! I had seriously underestimated the complexity of module definitions in Racket.

A followup mostly for the benefit of those who find this thread in the archives one day.

Importing a module this way works perfectly, but its utility for testing is very limited. The problem I run into is illustrated by the following symptom:

raco test: (submod "lang-test.rkt" test)
document-contexts: contract violation;
 given value instantiates a different structure type with the same name
  expected: document?
  given: (document (hash "test-context"  ...

My code defines a structure called "document", which apparently exists in two copies in memory. One is used by the module lang-test.rkt that contains the tests, and the other one is used by the module that was created from the text string. As a consequence, it is impossible to perform any operation on the date from that module.

If all you recover from that module is basic Racket data structures, everything works fine.


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