My name is Eric and I love Racket.

I am 39 years old and have been writing software for 30 years. I studied 
metaprogramming and taught programming languages as a grad student. My sole 
academic publication is on semantics and provenance for distributed data 
science tools. These days, I teach elementary school kids why and how to care 
about "coding," which means so much more than just banging out text.

Racket is special to me because it makes programming fun again. When it's time 
to get real work done, I want more people to reach for Racket first. This is my 
goal, so I'm making this call for projects or project ideas as a conversation 

Does a killer app or library sorely need a Racket alternative?

Do you dread certain tasks that have you reaching for Python or JavaScript, or 

Is your professional community holding out on adopting Racket, and do you know 

Any amazing projects pitched at the conference?

I enjoyed following the graph drawing thread a few weeks ago. A serious attempt 
at "better than graphviz" could be fun and worthwhile.


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