On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 2:58 PM Neil Van Dyke <n...@neilvandyke.org> wrote:

> * Being there soon with a Web Assembly and HTML5 plus server full-stack
> story, in case developers respond favorably to that.

Web back-ends are my wheelhouse. It sure would make my professional life
easier... Not gonna lie, this isn't something I'd look forward to banging
out alone.

> * Push DSL-based programming, for which Racket might already have the
> best technology.  (The other day, I saw someone looking to hire
> developers to use some DSL-based speculative methodology thing... in Ruby.)

This might also be interesting. Any concrete demand out there to drive the

* Find other application or technology niches that people want right
> now, and figure out some value-added support for them other than SaaS
> bindings that everyone else is doing.  Deep learning and other machine
> learning, traditional scientific/stats programming and visualization,
> voice AI-ish assistants, FPS video game engines, GPU targeting, etc.

The Godot game engine is kinda like this, but for Python. It has a lot of
rough edges, which could help design a good Racket alternative. There may
be a ton of reusable functionality in a project like that.

Thanks, Neil!


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