At Wed, 14 Feb 2018 03:44:44 -0800 (PST), Claes Wallin wrote:
> 1. The package I'm currently building probably needs to be the installation 
> path for racket, so that I can use installation scope and have links.rktd 
> and other things end up in the expected places.

That sounds right.

> 2. As my dependencies and their dependencies have already been installed 
> once, and I want to use them from their already-prepared destination, it 
> should be possible to just merge together the links.rktd of my dependencies 
> and add my own package to the list, and that should be my new links.rktd.
> [...]
> I've finally found that the way to customize where racket finds things is 
> to mess about with `racket -G` and the config.rktd file. I was hoping that 
> I could just add the share/racket directories of my dependencies to 
> 'links-search-files, but it doesn't seem that simple.

I think this is also the right idea, but I think you need to set
'pkg-search-dirs in parallel to 'links-search-files within

The two separate entries reflect how the package system is built on top
of the collection-link layer, but it has to keep additional information
that is specific to the package layer.

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