On Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 3:01:08 AM UTC+8, Anthony Carrico wrote:
> The Racket derivation needed to be 
> parameterized to find the opengl libs/drivers. I also remember that I 
> couldn't get this to work reliably on any OS except NixOS. Any opengl 
> program was going to have similar trouble since the libs are a function 
> of the drivers which can't really be provided by Nix on non NixOS 
> platforms.

Wow, ok.

> This situation was more of a reflection on the state of 
> OpenGL than Nix in my opinion, but we ended up developing in a NixOs vm 
> for this reason only.

Yeah, that sounds like an oddity.

One nice thing you can do once you have racket2nix is that you can have 
your racket package generated as a nix package, and then override the nix 
package to have native dependencies, which I hope will be very helpful to 
people in your situation in the future.


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