Claes Wallin writes:

> On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 9:43:34 PM UTC+8, stewart mackenzie wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We're partially through the development of a nix{os} utility which 
>> transforms an info.rkt into a nix expression.
>> It'll be helpful if other nixers/racketers could contribute or test the 
>> project!
> Hi, Racketeers! I'm the one mainly working on this, and I could use some 
> help right now. :-)
> I have a concrete problem, and I've been banging my head against this for a 
> bit, so I hope someone has some insights to share.

This is great Claes, and as I said on IRC, I hope we can eventually
collaborate... as some others know I'm hoping to get more Racket
packages into Guix... which is like Nix, but written in Scheme!
But that work will probably build on experiences from this Nix work if I
get to it first at all (and it sounds like you might beat me to it
anyway) ;)

Thanks for working on this!

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