I'm new to racket, and even more with typed/racket.

I play a little with the "Any" type (due to 'dynamic-require' which return Any), and I'm not able to cast them back in a function.

I (over) simplify my question with this little program :

(: p Any)
(define (p i) (displayln i))

; Here I want to get back my function
(define proc (cast p (-> Integer Void)))
(proc 2)


but I get this error when I try to execute the function :

; contract violation
; Attempted to use a higher-order value passed as `Any` in untyped code: #<procedure:p>
;   in: Any
;   contract from: typed-world
;   blaming: cast
;    (assuming the contract is correct)
;   at: <pkgs>/racketFBP/test.rkt:13.13
; Context:
;  /home/denis/dev/racket/racketFBP/test.rkt:1:1 [running body]
; [Due to errors, REPL is just module language, requires, and stub definitions]

In reality, I get my function by `(dynamic-require path 'p)`, and I didn't find a typed version of this function...

Is there a way to go from Any to a function, or to replace my use of `dynamic-require`?

Thank you in advance,
Denis Michiels

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