I was about to start building a tool for statically analyzing student 
code.  But I first want to ask if there's related work out there.

I'm interested in relatively simple stuff -- e.g. How many functions did 
the student write?  How many expressions?  What's the average nesting depth 
of expressions?  Etc.  Basically, I want to start quantifying things about 
students' coding styles -- both to identify potential problems and also to 
help students set goals (e.g. "Today, you wrote 2 functions.  Tomorrow, I 
want you to try to write 3!").

Before I start writing this myself, is there anything that I should know 
about?  Has someone already done exactly this?  Or is there some library 
for static analysis or code metrics that I should be building upon?  I 
searched a bit and couldn't find a lot.  Maybe I'm using the wrong keywords.


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