I have these two files:

> #lang racket
> (require racket/place/distributed
>          racket/runtime-path
>          "my-worker.rkt")
> (define-runtime-path worker-path "my-worker.rkt")
> (define remote-node (spawn-remote-racket-node
>                      "localhost"
>                      #:listen-port 6344
>                      #:racket-path "/usr/local/racket/bin/racket"))
> (define remote-place (dynamic-place
>                       worker-path
>                       #:at remote-node
>                       'main))
> (displayln (place-channel-get remote-place))

> #lang racket
> (provide main)
> (define (main channel-to-master)
>   (place-channel-put channel-to-master "hi"))

This works fine, and produces the expected output:

> $ racket my-test.rkt 
> hi

When I replace the "localhost" with properly-resolve FQDN (or even IP
address) of a remote host (properly configured in ~/.ssh/config so that
"ssh remote-host" works without a password), `racket my-test.rkt` just
hangs forever.

Racket is version 7.0 on both machines, which are both running Ubuntu 16.04.

The Racket binary at /usr/local/racket/bin/racket on both machines.

The remote racket appears to be starting successfully, listening, and
even establishing a connection from the local racket, at least as
reported by netstat on the remote machine (IPs changed to protect the innocent).

> tcp        0      0   *              LISTEN    
>   12959/racket
> tcp        0      0 999.999.999.999:6344   
> ESTABLISHED 12959/racket

I feel as if there is something basic that I'm getting wrong and would
greatly appreciate some guidance.

Thanks in advance!


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