In my experience a Racket web server will just stubbornly continue to
work for months at a time, if you let it.

(Reminds me of the aviation joke. In the future, cockpits will have
just one human pilot and a dog. The dog is there to bite the human if
they try to turn off the autopilot.)

I have a site on one little t2.micro at AWS.

It is behind an AWS application load balancer -- but mainly just as an
easy way to do SSL termination.

I also added WAF to filter script kiddies who don't bother to supply a
valid Host header while they try to log into phpadmin or whatever. For
non-FANG sites honestly that will be a large proportion of your
traffic in terms of number of requests. It wasn't making the Racket
web server sweat, I just wanted to noise out of my logs and stats.

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