Just so you know, I started some months ago a Racket project that would 
help monitor different Racket web servers and load-balance them, using 
systemd-nspawn as a native container system, and an optional
 nginx server to load balance everything, serve static content and cache 
dynamic one.

It's called Bonny: https://github.com/euhmeuh/bonny

It's in a very early stage right now but I'm actively working on it so that 
I can deploy and monitor my servers without having to rely on some big 
overkill container app du jour.

I'd be really glad to talk about some approaches you use and what seems the 
easiest to implement. My main objectives are minimalism, use as much native 
systems as possible, and as much Racket as possible.

Plus, containers in Bonny are called "pirates" (cause you're "shipping 
them", ahah).

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