Hello everybody,

I'm trying to drive a WIN32 application from a Racket gui app to provide 
the QA guys a simple way to interact with it. So far I'm quite successful 
but I'm having a little issue.
I spawn my subprocess with subprocess : 
And for the sake of completeness I want to know when suprocess failed 
(because the users tampered with the exe, because there's an ACL issue, 
The function doesn't have a return value for failure and it doesn't raise 
an exception when I do stuff like
(subprocess "no exe here")
(subprocess "nice picture of an aardvark.png")
It only returns a seemingly valid value.

Can someone help me ? Is it an API defect and a special value should be 
returned ? Should an exception be raised ? The doc doesn't say much about 
I don't really care about the OS-level cause of the failure but I need to 
know if it failed.
I didn't test on my Linux box for consistency.

By the way, subprocess-pid returns 0 on such a "never spawned" process, and 
I think it should be an error case too.


PS: Here's the reddit thread where I asked how to do it:

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