Hi Matthew,

> Currently, if fork() fails on Unix (e.g., because there are too many
> processes), then `subprocess` will raise an exception. But if fork()
> succeeds, then there's normally no way to communicate an error from
> exec() except through the exit code, since exec() is in the child
> process.[*] So, that's why there's no way to distinguish "program
> couldn't start" from "program exited with a non-0 status" on Unix.
> You're right that `subprocess` could make a distinction on Windows with
> CreateProcess(). Currently, `subprocess` doesn't make a distinction,
> mostly because not doing so makes the behavior somewhat more consistent
> with conventional Unix behavior.

You're right, but wouldn't using the posix_spawn family have better
semantics, better performance, and would allow to unify between POSIX and
Windows behaviours nicely ? :)


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