I'm trying to understand the design of the logging portion of rackunit:


   1. The "log" seems to only be a *count*, not the actual rackunit output 
   (as the term "log" would suggest). Since I want to show a summary of tests 
   — including output — on a different medium, after the test suite has run, 
   it looks like I need to essentially create my own logging support? (Perhaps 
   the "check-info stack" is useful here, but I don't think so.)
   2. Why do the check-… procedures not return any value? It would seem 
   natural for them to return, say, false in case of passing and a failure 
   information structure in case of failing (or a structure in both cases). 
   But they seem to only return void, so I'm not entirely sure how else to 
   extract the information for the log without rewriting the check's.
   3. As an aside, I'm not entirely sure what `test-log!` is there for. 
   Presumably it's to record in the log "tests" run by operations that are not 
   part of rackunit? I'm curious how people have used it.

TL;DR: If I want to record what happened on all the checks for 
post-execution processing, do I need to (a) create my own log and, to do 
so, (b) rewrite all the checking predicates to provide the information that 
the detailed log needs?


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