Sorry to be thinking out loud here…

I thought the reason Alex might be using `foldts-test-suite` instead of
`fold-test-results` is because the latter automatically runs each test but
the former leaves that in programmatic control. I thought this would enable
me to catch exceptions, thus (using Alex's really good names for the
pieces). E.g.:

(define-test-suite hw
  (check-equal? 1 1)
  (check-equal? 1 (/ 1 0))
  (check-equal? 1 2))

 (λ (suite name before after seed) (before) seed)
 (λ (suite name before after seed kid-seed) (after) (append seed kid-seed))
 (λ (case name action seed)
   (let ([outcome (with-handlers ([exn:fail?
                                   (λ (e)
                                     (println "got here")
                                     (cons 'test-failed seed))])
                    (run-test-case name action))])
     (cons outcome seed)))

Unfortunately, the `with-handers` does not seem to be taking effect at all:
the runner still halts with an error. Can anyone see what I'm missing?


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