Thanks to a helpful reply from Matthias I came across this posting

which pointed out "The *test* forms are the things that wrap evaluation,
catch errors and continue, etc."

If I rewrite the above as

(define-test-suite hw
  (test-equal? "1" 1 1)
  (test-equal? "2" 1 (/ 1 0))
  (test-equal? "3" 1 (error "raised an error"))
  (test-equal? "4" 1 2))

 (λ (suite name before after seed) (before) seed)
 (λ (suite name before after seed kid-seed) (after) (append seed kid-seed))
 (λ (case name action seed) (cons (run-test-case name action) seed))

then I don't need the exception handler at all (it appears…). So that may
be most of what I need? Not sure if I'm missing something else, I'll report
back if I am. (-:


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