John W. Long wrote:
This looks very nice Chris.

Instead of calling the tabs "CSS" and "JS" why not "Styles" and "Scripts"? (Seems appropriate considering the name of the plugin.)

Thought about that. Just trying to be considerate of other extension developers by conserving tab space

Also we had entertained the idea of putting the two items inside one tab at one time (and even putting them all together with images onto an "assets" tab). Anyway, I wasn't too focused on any one name for now.

I'm getting an ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken exception on the O.6.7 when I try and submit a form.

Dude, I released this *before* 0.6.7.  Man, tough crowd ;-)

I haven't loaded 0.6.7 yet -- I'll look into it.

I'm also getting a undefined method `updated_by' for #<Javascript:0x236d6c8> on 0.6.6 when I try to edit a javascript that I just created.

Thanks. Looks like a last minute change + no spec coverage on view (yet) = sloppy programmer.

I'll look into that too.

Have you taken a look at the prototype directory in trunk? We have a working HAMl prototype there that you can play around with using serve.

Not yet. I remember you mentioning something about that idea several months back -- glad to see it launched. Sounds slick.


On May 15, 2008, at 7:54 PM, Chris Parrish wrote:

Hello all.  John had asked me to create this some time ago as a
proof-of-concept for an enhancement to the core of Radiant.  Well, it's
finally here and I would appreciate any and all feedback (directly or on
the mailing list) to improve this.

Note: this is a Rails 2.x/Radiant 0.6.6 extension and it won't work with
previous versions.

What it Does
Adds Stylesheet and Javascript objects to Radiant.  It should be very
self explanatory to use but it has some real benefits (like its own
caching mechanism to speed up server responses).  Check out the README
file for a list of features/benefits and usage.

Where to Get It
I'm not running on git so you get to use good 'ol svn:

Thanks and enjoy!

Chris Parrish
Swank Innovations, LLC

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