Sounds like a great plan. One thing that had been mentioned in the BoF session at RailsConf was screencasts. Anyone willing to make one -- of decent quality and utility of course -- can submit it to me or John and we'll post it on the main Radiant site.


David Piehler wrote:
I'd like to begin my work on extending the Radiant documentation, but
before that I'd like to get an idea of what others on this mailing list
are specifically planning to do so we don't duplicate effort.

Overall Goals:

* Make Radiant easier to setup for beginners via better wiki
* Reorganize the wiki so info is easier to find
* See if we can make the third-party plugins list a main page in the
radiantcms.org navigation, and call it Extend or something

My Goals:

* Beginner Docs - simple website setup in 0.6.6

* Beginner Docs - navigation systems (simple using r:navigation; complex
using r:if_self and r:if_ancestor_or_self and part="no-map")

* Intermediate Docs - extending the built-in Archive extension to
maintain News and Events

* Intermediate Docs - password-protected pages via a simple user
login/logout system

* Extensions Docs - how-to setup and bug-fix 0.6.6 extensions Shards,
WYMeditor, PageAttachments, Reorder, Search, FlickrTags, and Tags

All of the articles specifically for 0.6.6 are already written, I just
need to clean them up and put it into the wiki. The other pieces I still
need to write.

Thoughts? Other people's goals for the documentation? A plan of action?

- Dave

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