Chris Parrish wrote:
>    1. Using Radiant - This section covers all the stuff users do from
>       within the Radiant Admin Interface
>    2. Installing Radiant - This section covers getting the source
>       (including extensions) and getting it to run
>    3. Extending Radiant - This section covers writing extensions.

These three focus areas sound good. We should expand #2 to include 
Mohit's idea of "creating a solution around Radiant" with mini How-Tos 
for accomplishing goals via specific extensions.

Mohit's idea of printable documentation for the end user who will be 
updating Pages, Snippets, and Layouts is interesting. My company 
currently gives all our Radiant users a User Guide created for their 
specific Radiant install. We make these using Adobe InDesign, so they 
are really nice looking but are time consuming to update. If we could 
figure out a way to make printable user guides via some common method 
(maybe using a demo Generic Radiant Website), that would be great.

This comes back to the question of how to manage all this data. The 
ideas stated so far are...

* expanding on / cleaning up the current wiki
* using Jim's radiant-help extension (potentially integrating it into 
the Radiant core in the future)
* using a mix of both methods

I think the core goals for the documentation are...

* easily update-able
* allow for screenshots inline with text and code samples
* clean printouts
* packaged with Radiant itself and each extension that wants to hook 
into it
* expandable by people not involved with maintenance of the extension 

One idea is to let extension developers hook into the radiant-help 
extension, but also have a wiki page for each known extension. The 
radiant-help extension could link to its wiki page as a "Go here for 
more information" link. This would allow the developer to maintain the 
packaged documentation, but also allow end users like us to expand upon 
it. I think this is very important, as it would let us create How-Tos 
and provide further examples the extension developer may not have 
thought of.

- Dave

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