I've been thinking I'd try to tackle it, but I'm swamped and I'd love to see it started.

On Jul 16, 2008, at 1:47 PM, Chris Parrish wrote:

Ok, that's twice in one week (Jim Gay just asked for the same thing). I don't think this tag belongs in SnS since it depends on Page Attachments too but a new extension for it might be nice.

Anyone willing to whip up a mini-extension that simply adds the necessary image tags to the Stylesheet object? I don't imagine there'd be much there to do -- I'm just not familiar enough with Page Attachments to know its tags?

Otherwise I'll look into it in a couple of days.


Josh Schairbaum wrote:

That seems easy enough, I assume then that you are not using the Scripts N Styles extension then? Maybe that's the extension that needs to be written, making page_attachments work with scripts/n/ styles. I know SNS has a more 'pluggable' interface now.


On Jul 16, 2008, at 1:26 PM, Sean Cribbs wrote:


Since things like background images are generally applied with CSS, I like to store my CSS in a Radiant page and then attach the images to that CSS page.


Josh Schairbaum wrote:
How do people handle site-wide assets like background images? I'd like to keep everything about the site able to be uploaded/ changed. I've got the page_attachments extension, but that seems like it's only applicable to individual pages.

I've looked at something like the paperclipped, but that seems to overwrite some of the page attachments functionality.


I'd like to use page_attachments, so what work-arounds are possible for sitewide stuff, outside of having to deploy them in public/images/*?

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