Despite the dependence on GitHub there is no required dependency on git the program, if you don't have git installed Ray will gladly use wget instead. So if you had noticed the extension on GitHub already but thought "pfft, more 'requires git' nonsense" you might have a second look.

Ray is basically a collection of rake commands that let you manage your extensions with less typing. For example, if you currently want to install the Page Attachments extension you'd do something like

  gem install mini_magick
  cd /radiant/app
git clone git:// vendor/ plugins/attachment_fu git clone git:// extension.git vendor/extensions/page_attachments
  rake radiant:extensions:page_attachments:migrate
  rake radiant:extensions:page_attachments:update
  monit -g mongrels restart all

With Ray you would run

rake ray:extension:page_attachments lib=mini_magick restart=mongrel_cluster

Page Attachments is what Ray calls a “special extension,” namely that it's not a normal installation pattern. For all the other great extensions on GitHub you have a few options. For example, if you wanted the Mailer extension from the official repository

  rake ray:extension:install name=mailer

What if you want if want ntalbott's fork of the Mailer extension?

  rake ray:extension:install name=mailer hub=ntalbott

You can get away with only specifing the short name as long as the extension author has used a name for their extension like "radiant- extension-name-extension". So what if Bob the extension developer has decided on some other kind of name, like sweet-sauce_for-radiant?

rake ray:extension:install name=sweet-sauce hub=bob fullname=sweet- sauce_for-radiant

Right now, Ray is sort of stupid about migrate/update tasks and just blindly runs them both for all extensions regardless. If an extension doesn't need one or both tasks run you might see some errors but they'll be harmless.

Once an extension is installed it can be easily disabled or enabled with

  rake ray:extension:disable name=mailer
  rake ray:extension:enable name=mailer

To install Ray either

git clone git:// vendor/extensions/ray

or unpack the tarball into vendor/extensions and rename it ray. No migrate or update tasks are necessary.

I know if you watch the dev. list this may seem like a day late but that's OK – I think there's room plus Ray has other options on the horizon that might be neat outside the extension context.

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