When I try this, with hub and fullname, I get a repository not found error. I think the problem is that the repos url is getting an extra "/" in there between the github name and the fullname of the extension. Remove that in the rake task and it works great.

Keith Bingman
On Jul 17, 2008, at 2:24 AM, john muhl wrote:

rake ray:extension:install name=sweet-sauce hub=bob fullname=sweet- sauce_for-radiant

Right now, Ray is sort of stupid about migrate/update tasks and just blindly runs them both for all extensions regardless. If an extension doesn't need one or both tasks run you might see some errors but they'll be harmless.

Once an extension is installed it can be easily disabled or enabled with

 rake ray:extension:disable name=mailer
 rake ray:extension:enable name=mailer

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