On 2008/07/21, at 10:39, Sean Cribbs wrote:

In the case that the project is in git, you could manually create the .gitsubmodule file from the sha of the HEAD of the extension, since the submodules are just git repos themselves. I may support a switch in the script/extension installer for a scenario like this, but it will require some thought.

Now I'm thinking that it might be simplest to just look for RADIANT_ROOT/.git and if it's found switch into submodule mode, otherwise a clone is done.

My thinking is that if you have a .git directory at RADIANT_ROOT you've either decided to scm your install or someone put it there for you because they wanted to scm your install. In either case the best option is be a submodule.

On 2008/07/21, at 02:43, aslak hellesoy wrote:

Can Ray install extensions as Git submodules? I always use Git
submodules - I never "copy".

Does the above scenario sound like the behavior you were after?
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