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Hi folks,

I see all this excitement about GitHub. It's great that everyone can throw in their 2ยข. It's like stepping on the gas. Now how about that steering

What I don't get is how anyone can keep track of it. Before GitHub, it was
hard enough to track all the extensions and which one went with which
version of code base. Now it seems like an impossible task. Unfortunately I haven't been able to read the whole 'Summer Reboot Documentation' thread, so
I don't know if anyone has addressed this in there.

It seems to me that two things are needed to try to get this under control for new people coming on the scene, or those who can't keep up with the

1) Some kind of news feed
2) Someone to take the news feed and compile it into the current 'state of
the world' - weekly maybe?

... or am I out in left field?

What I'm thinking of as a news feed would be something like this...

July 16 - John started on the uber_fu extension
July 16 - Tony released the fork of the uber_mailer extension
July 15 - Jenna released the google_maps extension
July 13 - Tony started a fork of the uber_mailer extension
July 10 - Jenna started the google_maps extension

How to make that happen? beats me. Tag blog entries with
'radiantcmsnewsfeed' and somehow find them and aggregate them into a single
RSS feed?


GitHub provides this already. You can watch any repo or user you want. When viewing your dashboard, you get a newsroll of what's happened in the repos
or users you've been watching. Here's what mine looks like:

I think the bigger problem is how one finds these extensions. There are certainly some on github that I've never seen.

Chris, there is an extension registry in the works that can serve as a central location for information about extensions. I was attempting to get it up and running last night in a public place but ran into some errors. The next release of Radiant will have a feature built in to automatically install extensions pulled from the info in the registry.

The code for the registry is under the radiant user at github  

One thing I've thought about adding to the registry is the ability for users to vote up or down on extensions so that you'd be able to see what some people think about the extensions there.

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