On 2008/07/21, at 12:30, Sean Cribbs wrote:


Whoops, you're right. I must have had Radiant on the brain.

On 2008/07/21, at 13:37, Tim Gossett wrote:

I just passed over the Ray extension because I just saw "deploy with
Capistrano" and thought "deploying with git is easy enough."

and that part hasn't even been started yet :) I just removed those words from the github description, sorry about the confusion.

But if it automatically installs extensions as git submodules, I'd be much more interested. Especially if the presence of a .git directory at the project's
root automatically puts it in git mode.

It doesn't do that yet, but it looks like where I'll be taking it the next time I have a few minutes to work on it. It's actually the presence of a working `git` command in your PATH that determines git or http mode.

How easily does this fold into an existing Radiant install? Will it detect
the submodules that are there already?

If you've already installed extensions as submodules and then install Ray you'll be able to add more extensions as submodules (they'll be global to your project just like the others you added), except you can roll it all up in to one handy command, i.e. rake ray:extension:install name=mailer restart=passsenger – of course it won't do that today but within the next day it should be working that way.

Pretty soon after that I'll be adding ray:update, ray:extension:update:all and ray:extension:update name=mailer commands and I'll make sure these work off submodules if you've got your extensions (even ray) installed that way.

Thanks for the feedback.

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