Announcing a new site built on Radiant:

Designed by Will Brady, built by myself.

I was determined to keep it simple, so kept the number of extensions to a minimum:

* Reorder[1]
* Sass[2]
* Subscriber lists[3]
* Wrappits[4]
* Markdown

I considered creating a new model to introduce Event and Venue models, but I decided that it was unnecessary. All the information I needed to store about a venue could easily fit within the page-with-parts paradigm. I just needed to add the reorder extension so I could order on the events chronologically.

I wrote the Subscriber lists extension for this project. I would have liked to use the Newsletter extension, but I wasn't sure how to configure the server to send mail from our GMail.

Shameless plug: If you are planning to be in Edinburgh this August, be sure to check out the West Port Book Festival. Events are all free!


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