Gert Jørgensen wrote:
Btw. a possible subject for the Summer Reboot could be explaining the different ways you include your extension files in the activate method, right now I have a mix that I have found in different extensions looking like this:

Page.send :include, CollectionTags
Page.send :include, PressTags

The NoCachePage thing I found in the MailerExtension while the Page.send examples are from the PageAttachments extension, but now I see that the MailerExtension's tags are included without using Page.send. Is there anything already written on this subject?

Hi Gert

There are currently seven articles listed (planned? hoped for?) under the Summer Reboot:

3. Writing your Own Extension
   * Creating an extension I – Adding tags (and some useful tags) [AW]
* Creating an extension II – Adding a tab in Admin UI (and what is shards?)
   * Creating an extension III – Modifying the Page UI from an extension
* Creating an extension IV – Extending and overriding Radiant behavior [CF]
   * Creating an extension V – Creating a special page type
* Creating an extension VI – Skinning controllers with front-end layouts (share_layouts) [SC]
   * Global Tags

I think a part of what you wrote here belong in Part V. As for what happens upon activation and how tags could be included, we need something. Perhaps, something like 'Inside an Extension' that explains some of the concepts involved in an extension?

By the way, please feel free to add any information to the Summer Reboot - don't worry about it being complete/ completely correct. It will get fixed eventually! Also, since it's a wiki, some information is better than no information - the first run is for developers.. and the 'Summer Reboot' equivalent of "Citation Needed" is most acceptable. Just start something (oops, I sound like a Microsoft[1] or Sony[2] campaign!)

8/5/2008 | 11:14 PM.

[2] No link, but it was a campaign that Sony ran with a music TV channel!
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