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I was thinking of a couple of things regarding the ongoing documentation effort and the recent request for converting a static website to a Radiant based site and this got me wondering.

One of the questions that has been asked in the past is why Radiant doesn't have any templates/ designs. Of course, I know the answer to that - Radiant doesn't really care what you manage with it and every site is unique and so, it doesn't offer anything.

On the other hand, the 'Blog' is offered as an example that people could use.

If you think about it, Radiant is an absolutely fantastic replacement for someone who wants to replace a static website such as a small company website. In that case, would it make sense to add a couple of other options to the db bootstrap - like 'small company website'. If we do that, we could end up creating:
* A header and footer snippet
* A menu bar (standard top horizontal menu)
* Two layouts - one for the home page and one for a site page
* A stylesheet
* A few sections - Home, About Us, Press, Products, etc.

This has a few advantages:
[1] This could be a very simple site and we can align to use some standard accepted names for the CSS classes. That way, it gives others a set of sections that they could design 'templates' for. A 'template' might comprise a stylesheet and some graphics. [2] It creates a more 'live' site that can simply be adopted and adapted even by people who are less tech-savvy. Someone could install it for them, and they can use it from there. The sample sections would use just enough tags to help them get started.

What do you think? Does someone have something that they can contribute towards this?

9/8/2008 | 3:35 PM.

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