As you guys know, this weekend (24th - 26th Oct, 2008) is the Radiant Sprint Weekend where we are looking forward to getting a lot of code and features cranked out - so, a big thanks and good luck to the guys who are going... we hope that we'll get mini-updates as things progress :)

That said, I'd like to invite the rest of the community (those who can't make it there for some reason or the other) to find something in the Radiant ecosystem that they can write about! I'm hoping that while the coders hack, some of the rest of us can document things like extensions, etc. to get things moving on that front.

For my part, I'll try to add 2 or 3 things over the weekend - I'm hoping to strip out some of the details of the 'Comments' extension (from the article on using Radiant as a blog) to a separate piece, add something about Gallery and may be 1 or 2 more items.

Given their high level of use, I'm hoping someone can add something for Paperclipper, SnS, Multi-site and PageAttachments.

Naturally, the Summer Reboot project outline is:

An example of documenting an extension with screen shots, known problems, etc. is:

Alternatively, you could help by documenting (on the basis of the mailing list or your experience) a frequently asked question/ tip for troubleshooting (Appendix C). An example is:

You could choose to document something that's already in the outline, or you could add your own item. Don't worry about which chapter it goes into. Just create it first - if worried, create a new chapter called 'Uncategorized Items' and add it under that - we'll catalog it somewhere proper later.

[How to]
1. In my opinion, the simplest way to start is to update the Summer Reboot main page first and mark something as a wiki link by enclosing the text between [[ and ]]. For example, if you have this entry:

# Gallery – Image galleries

you could make Gallery a wiki link by changing it to [[Gallery]] - when you save the page, there will be question mark next to Gallery in the page:

* Gallery? - Image galleries

2. Click on the question mark and the wiki will fill out the correct details and take you to a page where the content is empty. Just start typing out what you want to say.

3. Authentication: when you click on 'Edit' you will be asked for a password and e-mail. Enter your email address and any password of your choice when you go there the first time. An account is auto-created for you. Just use that e-mail and password henceforth. There is NO separate registration.

4. The wiki uses Textile markup - there's a link next to the Edit Box of a page that will take you to Textile help.

5. The page title and main heading will be the same as the link you clicked. DO NOT change it - if you change it, you will need to link in that page again.

6. If you want to see another page's Textile markup (as reference or whatever), my recommendation would be to open it in another window and then click on edit. DO NOT click on 'cancel' to cancel the editing (i.e. exit without saving) - somehow, this triggers Junebug wiki to treat it as a new version if no changes are made. Just close the window or click on back.

7. Images: The wiki doesn't allow image attachments. You'll need to put it on a publicly accessible site and link to it using Textile. If you have problems with a public site, let me know by email "tech {at} onghu dot com" - I could put it up for you on my site and send you the links.

Hope this helps.

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