Time for a new release. This is mostly bugfixes and a minor addition or two to work with other extension:

   * Renamed one of the TextAsset fields (internal change to let SnS
     work better with Andrew Neil's file_system extension).

   * The radiant:extensions:sns:config rake task was just plain
     broken.  I think most folks out there don't know about this tool
     or I'd have heard more complaints by now.

     Please note that this is *the* way to change the SnS settings --
     not directly in the db or with the settings extension as these
     bypass validations I have in place and, since I store these
     settings in memory, don't take effect until you restart your
     server.  The rake task, however, works properly and immediately.

   * There was an issue with one of the migrations if you had existing
     stylesheets/javascripts from an early SnS version (fringe case).

   * Changed the name of a model so that SnS now "just works" with the
     import-export and super-export extensions (nice tools, BTW)

   * Added the radiant:extensions:sns:update_dependencies rake task to
     recreate the dependencies table if you had a problem importing
     existing data (see above).


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