Um, no. (Though it would be very cool). In order to make use of the 'install' task, you have to have the latest version of SnS (or any extension) copied into the extension's directory (from github, svn, or wherever).

Install in this sense, means:
"migrate the db, copy any needed files into your project's /public folder, do anything else the extension writer deems necessary to get things working"

and not:
   "go get the latest version and then install that"

I think the Ray extension may do what you're looking for.


Anton J Aylward wrote:
Chris Parrish said the following on 11/24/2008 12:29 PM:
updating SnS is the same as every other extension, run:

    rake [your_env] radiant:extensions:sns:install

OH WOW!  All the git/svn stuff encoded in a rake file!
Why has no-one ever done that before?
Please can we have this done recursively from the root!

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