-1 on the rich text editor from over here

Joe Van Dyk wrote:

Other things that we think most people would want by default:

- some sort of rich text editor
- asset manager better integrated

It would be great to have these as extensions, but installed by
default.  Having an officially "blessed" extension is important for
quality, in our opinion.

One of the things I love about Radiant is that it is "no fluff". It goes down a different path to say Drupal, where you get the kitchen sink by default. Certainly- I think blessed extensions are a good idea, and we should include these in the manual eg: How to make a blog. If you want to install that extension, it is your option.

Having a lean & mean/no fluff system by default means that people evaluating don't get confused - say thinking X is better than Radiant just because the wysiwyg editor looked nicer.


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