The thread on what "standard" plugins do people use as well the "Oops I deleted the contest2 content" thread got me thinking that it would be great if someone wrote a tutorial to the effect of, "How to customize your Radiant command".

Usually I start 90% of my radiant sites by installing the same extensions; they fit into the way I like to do my work. I am also inherently lazy so I'd rather put a lot of work in now to prevent having to do that work over and over again later (I'm told that's not actually lazy, but I'm not convinced).

Things I would like know how to do:
1) add my own "default" plugins to the created site
2) add my own initial site templates (or force a single initial setup)
3) take production database parameters from the command line (I tend to follow the same pattern since most of my sites are on dreamhost) 4) save the results in Git (either in my own repository on Dreamhost or in GitHub) 5) update my custom radiant with the lastest changes (either plugins or radiant itself) half a year from now. .

I like the idea of making the radiant command do things the way I like it but (5) is critical if I don't want to fall behind. I also want to control which "versions" I see of any of these so that I don't get hosed when version 0.8 comes out and now half my extensions won't work with 0.7.9

I know, I know, never suggest something you wouldn't do yourself. Since I'm not entirely sure where I would start, if someone could pitch some suggestions it might get me going.


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