Mohit Sindhwani wrote:
N. Turnage wrote:
Since this question is going to be asked a number of times as people begin to move their sites to v0.7 I thought I would begin the thread. What extensions are known not to work with v0.7?
Could we make this a page on the wiki instead? May I request that people who have written extensions and have an explicit tag that works for 0.6.9 and below and a trunk that works on 0.7.0 and later make it known there?

This will make my job of working through the content for 0.7.0 easier. If someone needs a template, I can try to create the main page on the wiki for this.

That's a great idea, Mohit. I would think the following info should be included:

- name of extension (of course)
- github project url
- latest commit known to be working with 0.6.9 if no tag exists

Why not make the field available on When you edit an extension it asks for the highest version the extension works with. But I don't see that info displayed on the listing/detail page itself. Just the edit form. That page already lists the github url...

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