Can someone please confirm or correct this list of my understanding or the mailer extension? I'm not understanding at all how this extension works, and the two tutorials/instructions I found on the subject are very vague:

I gathered this list by using these two instructions:

- You start out by git cloning the extension into the extension folder at /vendor/extensions/ - You either do this step now, or at the end of the tutorial. Which ever one, you remove code in the environment.rb (located in the config folder) file to make this:

config.frameworks -= [ :action_mailer ] or this: config.frameworks -= [ :action_web_service, :action_mailer ]

        say this:

config.frameworks -= [] or this: config.frameworks -= [ :action_web_service ]

depending on whether or not the :action_web_service is being ignored or not.

- You then possibly, or possibly not, add this code to the environment.rb file, but after a line that doesn't seem to exist (require "status"):

        ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = {
                :address => "your.smtp.server",
                :port => 25,
                :domain => "your.domain"

        obviously changing the setting to match your own.

- Restart your server.

- You then create two new pages, under whatever previous page you'd prefer, one named "email" the other "email_html" in that file you put the following code:

        subject: From the website of Whatever
        redirect_to: /contact/thank-you

- You then build your contact form with these tags:

        <r:mailer:form name=""> ... </r:mailer:form>
        <r:mailer:text name="" />
        <r:mailer:checkbox name="" />
        <r:mailer:radio name="" />
        <r:mailer:radiogroup name=""> ... </r:mailer:radiogroup>
        <r:mailer:select name=""> ... </r:mailer:select>
        <r:mailer:date_select name=""/>
        <r:mailer:textarea name=""> ... </r:mailer:textarea>
        <r:mailer:option name="" />

        to make something that looks something like this:

<r:mailer:hidden name="subject" value="Email from my Radiant site!" / > <br/>
                <r:mailer:text name="name" /> <br/>
                <r:mailer:textarea name="message" /> <br/>
                <input type="submit" value="Send" />

If someone who has gotten the extension to work please let me know where I went wrong, it would be very helpful. By doing everything above I get the following error in a browser:

        Mailer config is not valid (see Mailer.valid_config?)

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