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I actually have a few (quite a few) questions, so I thought I'd group them together into one email.

1. Which extension should I choose: paperclipped or page_attachment?

i started out using page_attachemnt and also modified it a bit but then i read about paperclipped being the "new way" to do it.
so i switched. (yes i'm easily convinced sometimes)

my experinces so far with both of them (they are limited)

easy use, not to complicated, has the "if_attachment" tag, which i added to paperclipped cos i'm to stupid to find a solution already present or it isn't =) you can only access the images per page - paperclipped is better in this way.

not so easy at the first glance, a bit more work to "just add an image" but it's better with its central asset management. and the migration from page_attachment to this is very neat and built in. you can access any asset form every page - so central not local asset management.

what the devs say:
paperclipped is more resource friendly laking the rmagick- Imagemagick bridge. I cannot give you any details on this, because our server did the job well with both of them.

2. I haven't seen (maybe I just missed it) any extension that lets me add downloadable files to the website and monitor how many times they get downloaded.

havent seen that too, and am happy to get to know on

3. With CSS, I usually link to one master.css in the head and then import all the other stylesheets into that file.
In my radiant app I:
- created a layout for stylesheets
- created a page for each stylesheet (including the master stylesheet called styles.css which gets linked in the <head> )
- changed the link for each to be for example reset.css
But my styles do not get applied.

I also tried to place my stylesheets in public/stylesheets and link to them there but again to no avail.
Where is my mistake? How would you recommend tackling this?

Mh, the later is the way i do it (i like to keep the files in version control) and i works fine for me, are you sure the paths are correct? Something like /stylesheets/yourstyle.css ? You do not need to use public because (with passenger and using the loca ruby (webrick, mongrel) server at least) that's already your document root so every link gets evaluated within public/

Are the access rights corrects?

6. I've installed radiant as an empty template, but when I go to create a new page, the default includes "body" and "extended" part. How do I cancel the defaults so only "body" part appears when I create a new page?

the parts being created on each page (and the status) are defined by a config entry. You can manipulate it. Take a look here:

you can also install the settings extension (http://github.com/Squeegy/radiant-settings/tree/master ) and then edit it via the admin frontend, paperclipped actually encourages you to install it.

7. Lastly, the "Styled Blog" template uses "extended" part and the Roastes template uses "summary" part to be able to provide a shorter summary. Is there any easier way to just show an excerpt on the "Archives" page?

if i remember correctyl there is an extension to trunkate the content, am not sure about the name. I think i foudn it at ext.radiantcms.org.

I know, a lot of questions. Your assistance with any of the above questions will be great...


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