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I noticed that the following 2 questions were not answered.

Elle Meredith wrote:
4. With Javascript, last time I remember Rails relied on Prototype. I personally prefer to use jQuery. Do I just place my scripts in public/javascripts? I've seen prototype.js there already. Should I be aware of possible conflicts?
No. Nothing to worry. The Javascript, etc. files that are there in those directories are only for the Radiant admin interface. What you choose to serve up to your front-end is completely your problem and you'll need to create the files, access mechanisms, URLs, upload them where needed (or store them in the DB), and layouts to include them. Whatever is provided in those senses (style sheets and javascript files) are only for consumption by the radiant admin backend.

5. I've looked at the seo extension and it suggests to add a page part for each metadata. I find this is an unnecessary duplication, since I already fill out this information for each page. Is there any other way to incorporate the keywords and description fields as metatags for each page?

I don't know how to answer this, but bringing it back so someone else can.

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